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1. plug in your headphones
2. press play
 close your eyes
 in your left ear
Niall in your right ear

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One Direction singing Baby by Justin Bieber

Lou’s solo….

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ahahah Maseyyy <3
Such a nice happy family <3 :)

The creepiest things this fandom has ever done


Found the boys in an airport

Watched their flight from the US to Australia

Became obsessed with their drummer’s brother

Don’t forget when we stole lux’s passport

Finding high school pictures of their body guard

Or have pictures of the Drummer and Drummer’s brother as babies

or inside pictures of louis house: 

or pictures of their drummer and his brother in a pool

or a picture of their drummer’s brother naked

Oh. My. God.

Oh my god nice ass Ben

this is fabulous!!!!!!!!

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Guys with little kids is the biggest turn on